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                 Pando also known as the Trembling Giant is a clonal colony of a single male quaking aspen determined to be single living Organism. The plant is estimated to weigh collectively 6,000,000 kilograms (6,600 short tons) making it the heaviest known organism. The root system of Pando, at an estimated 80,000 years old is among the oldest known living organisms. The clone known ad Pando wad discovered in 1968 by researcher Burton V.Barnes who continued to study ir through the 1970s. In 2006 the United States Postal service published a stamp in commermoration of the aspen calling it one of the firty "Wonders of America. The clonal colony encomp passes 43 hectares (106 acres), weighs nearly 6,000 metric tons (6,600 short tons) and has over 40,000 stems (trunks), which die individually and are replaced by new stems growing from its roots. The average age of Pando's stems is 130 years.